Some Microsoft tidbits….

Internet Explorer 11 for Windows 7 will be coming out at one point. A “Developer Preview” is available as a virtual machine at here.

Internet Explorer 11 will be included as part of Windows 8.1 [scheduled to be release probably at the end of August]. If there is another update after to Internet Explorer for Windows 7, there won’t be too much time left as mainstream support end in just over 2 years.

Meanwhile, Windows NT is celebrating its 20th birthday today [Saturday]. Windows NT came out after Microsoft backed out the co-development of OS/2 with IBM in the 1990s and released Windows NT – which still has a few remnants of OS/2 to this day.

Office for iOS has been released, but there is a catch. You need a current subscription to Office 365 to get it. Some lesser applications are available separately and [I believe] free.


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