Welcome to another Systems Administrator Day

Here we are again. Another Systems Administrator Day.

What is Systems Administrator Day? Well, in my words, it is the last Friday in July where it is time [for one day at least] to be nice to your systems administrator [or equivalent] if you work.

Remember. These are the people who keep your computer [hopefully] up and running. The same guy(s) [and gal(s)] who may spend many hours after work or on the weekend [and may not even get paid or time off for it].

I know the feeling. I spent many hours doing projects after hours. I was at work one day until 3am while a couple of guys installed a stand-alone air conditioner in the server room. More than a few times, I was working on the weekends. You get the picture.

Well, if you know someone who is a systems administrator or equivalent, be nice to them today. Buy them a good cup of coffee [not the cheap crap], some donuts [not the packaged stuff – fresh!], a 60” flat screen TV [kidding… or not], or maybe treat them to lunch.

Click here for the [official] site for the day.


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