Another celebrity death


Well, in case you somehow missed the news, actor Cory Monteith died almost a week ago at the age of 31. Calgary born, but mostly raised in Vancouver, he was one of the stars of the TV show Glee.

Outside of Glee, he had a few guest stints on various TV shows and the movie roles were for small budgeted movies that few probably heard of [maybe until this past week]. Most of his stints on TV were in shows that were filmed around Vancouver like StarGate: SG1 and Supernatural.

[I do have to admit that I have seen a total of maybe 15 minutes of Glee. Note that he is in his early thirties playing a teenager on the show.]

We’ve seen it before with the young and famous celebrities. Starting to climb, doing well and then dies from some addiction. In the case of Monteith, looks like a combination of heroin and booze.

You remember Heath Ledger. Probably a more promising career with such movies as Brokeback Mountain and The Patriot and then honoured for his excellent performance in The Dark Knight [note that he had died prior to finishing the movie, so some substituted for him in a few scenes].

As for Monteith, as I mentioned, he didn’t have a long career or anything prior to Glee. Even then, TV acting is not the same as in the movies. He was a well-rounded actor – dancing and singing included.

One thing that came up was about his girlfriend, Lea Michele. See, he came out of rehab just a few months back [and not the first time].

As a girlfriend of Cory, I’m assuming they are with each other quite a bit [true acting could split couple for a while]. So, this brings me to these questions:

Did she notice he was using? Did she notice anything odd with his character of late [prior to his death]?

I knew of someone who died, and his girlfriend [who actually worked as an ambulance dispatcher – so she knows about medical issues at least] either was blind and didn’t know anything or was just plain ignorant or dumb [meeting her the dumb part is a real possibility].

In any case, like most celebrities, he is this month’s news but people will forget him probably after this season’s Glee episodes begin. [Sounds like they will postpone the start of the Glee season to figure out what to do with his character and whether or not they will do anything to honour him.]


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