Computer Tip : Removing slow browser add-on notification in Internet Explorer

With Internet Explorer 9 and [I believe] continuing with Internet Explorer 10, Microsoft introduced a really annoying feature. The feature checks to see if any add-ons that are in use [think mostly toolbars] are slowing down Internet Explorer from opening up faster.

While I like the idea of checking, I think it checks a bit too much and often. [I suspect they are trying to claim that Internet Explorer opens up faster than other browsers].

The registry script below will permanently disable the annoying “Speed up browsing by disabling add-ons” popup notification message.

Note that if you do this, it will be more difficult to diagnose which add-on is actually slowing down Internet Explorer from loading correctly. In some cases, [especially after upgrading internet Explorer] an add-on not compatible with the Internet Explorer currently in use may actually crash Internet Explorer but there won’t be any easy way to know which.

You can see which add-ons are slower than others by going to the Tools menu, then Manage Add-ons. In the Toolbars and Extension section, look on the right. Scroll over a bit and you should see the Load Time.



If you are using a 64-bit version of Windows [and most of you are], you should include the following in addition to the above.



An alternative to disabling the feature permanently would be to change the threshold level of when Internet Explorer complains. Oddly, you have to have the Command bar toolbar enabled. Once there, click on the Tools menu in the Command bar – not the one in the Menu bar. From here click on Toolbars and then Disable add-ons. See the image below. From there you can disable any add-ons or at the bottom change the delay time to something a bit longer.

Disable Toolbar in IE

















As usual, if you modify the registry, back it up and use at your own risk.


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