End of the music TV era


I am sure the same thing is happening with music TV stations all over the world, from MTV to VH1 to BBC, they are basically like any other TV station.

On the eve of MuchMusic’s annual video awards, MuchMusic isn’t doing much better [maybe worse?].

To start off with, the co-presenter is Psy – the one hit wonder from South Korea who I think can barely speak much English. Then there is a who’s who list of mostly unknown performers. The few exceptions are Taylor Swift [they must have paid her big bucks to come to Toronto], Avril Lavigne [she has a new album coming out soon – so it’s time to push out the promotional stops] and maybe one or two others.

Even the list of presenters won’t draw much – with the biggest two are Simon Helberg and Kunal Nayyar from The Big Bang Theory and I’m sure they will be presenting an award together.

But even then, take a look at what MuchMusic shows in their schedule. Movies that have nothing to do with music [Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle, I Robot] but they did have a music related movie in The Runaways. TV shows from the US like Arrow, The Vampire Diaries and Breaker High [except the odd background music but we probably don’t know where from]. Yes there are some shows related to music [The Voice] but they aren’t as common.

Gone are the days where a good chunk of the day was filled with actual music videos or related [daily top music videos, spotlight on an artist, etc.]. MuchMusic has a huge catalogue [unless they wiped the videos] over the years that were either recorded in the studio or various locations over the years [such as the famous El Macambo appearance from Stevie Ray Vaughan]. They also had an Intimate and Interactive series where artists performed and were interviewed in the studio.

It were videos that brought many artists to our attention. Remember Dire Straits with Sting with Money For Nothing? Peter Gabriel’s Sledgehammer? Michael Jackson’s Thriller? Now they end up on YouTube – almost never showing up on a music TV station.

BTW, this “video awards” is separate from the “movie video awards” that are held in a few months which have even less to do with music as they are about movies. Awards for best kiss on screen, best fight, best snoring, etc. Oh maybe an award or two like best movie theme song or soundtrack.

To make things even worse, this 2 hour presentation will be repeated throughout the week into next week and maybe the week after. Someone who likes this stuff will watch it once – maybe twice – but that’s it.

I’ve always found it funny that the way they present the awards are the biggest thing in the world – bigger than the Grammy Awards or Oscars. I suspect few outside of their studio believe that.



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