Biasness, childish, amateurish of some

May or may not have mentioned this before but I find it funny how one track minded some people are.

Daily I receive various computer related newsletters with various topics that are covered. What I do find funny is that when there are [for example] topics on Linux [such as “Five Linux Applications for Businesses] and there has been just a couple of responses [with one was a comment about a typo].

Then you jump over to say a more interesting topic [maybe why Microsoft Surface tablets may be considered a failure] and you will get all of these non-Microsoft fans coming out of the woodwork [such as those who swear by Linux] commenting about how it is a piece of crap.

You have to wonder why these anti-Microsoft fans jump on this topic instead of Linux [or whatever] topics. There’s is not interesting on their side? They like to bash another OS [or just anything Microsoft]?

Some will say [for example, for Linux] on how superior Linux is [except the fact that 85%+ of the world’s computers are Windows based compared to under 2% for Linux (percentages have always been a bit of a questionable subject – depends on who’s statistics you believe)]. Not running any anti-virus because nothing is made for Linux [are they sure]?

Some will complain how Windows is full of vulnerabilities or malware. Well, other operating systems have plenty of vulnerabilities. As for malware, I’ve had none for many years. If they ran Windows and got hit it is mostly because they clicked on something they shouldn’t have [sounds very novice] or they installed something pirated that contains malware [sounds very dumb]. It just doesn’t creap into the computer on its own. It ain’t magical. Those who say they don’t know how it got there are folling themselves. I can understand a novice but not a [so-called] expert.

I’ve heard some who swear they’ll never touch Windows again but I’m sure they still use it. No way to tell of course.

You have some who complain about how slow Symantec Antivirus is. That was true about 5-7 years ago but it is fine now. Have they used it within the past 5-7 years? Nope. You have some who complain that this phone or that phone “sucks” but you wonder if they ever had one. Probably not. They are using a different brand.

Some people are biased. Others remind me more of brainwashing. You know it is one of these when someone is saying how crappy Windows 7 is. Of course you will have those few who show that they are either immature [with their really ridiculous comments] or just novices pretending to be an expert.

I probably do defend Windows more than bash another product, but at least if I do bash it is for reason and data [off the Internet] to back up what I am saying.

You know that you can trust someone to give you a more straight, truthful and logical answer if they have a good reputation that someone who doesn’t [and maybe uses the alias “Lnx 4ever” or “Ballmer is God”!].


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3 Responses to Biasness, childish, amateurish of some

  1. CathyW says:

    Really enjoyed this and you make a valid point. I was reading an anti-Windows 8 bashing article last night and thinking the same thing – why? I have been using Win8 on my desktop since it came out and it’s great. It flies along, is easy to manage, and there is nothing I cannot do. I can find everything and do everything I want. I have Win7 on my laptop and that is reliable but slower . I have Linux Mint and I love that but it doesn’t manage Flash so well and Microsoft Office really is the best productivity suite. I also run Mountain Leopard at work and that is fine but has a few interesting issues with wifi and the Office products are not as fancy. They all have there strengths. Windows 8 has worked reliably and I guess Microsoft is a juggernaut and it just goes. Linux is really good for reliable connections and service and I love the music player also runs well on less powerful computers. I think you are right – bashing an OS rather than trouble shooting your favoured one is probably the better way to go.

    • ebraiter says:

      From a very old post [I think] people bashed Vista heavily because of the amount of changes Microsoft made [and the fact that those who had installed the 64-bit edition came across driver and software issues. They jumped the gun too early by installing it and found it critical. I installed it just after service pack 2 came out and for the 9 months I had it [went to Windows 7 on a new system], I really had no problems.
      Windows 8 has suffered because of the Start menu issue. There are “substitute” menus which do work well. I like the sort of cheat where it will hibernate the OS core so it shuts down and boots up faster. There are a few quirks like you can’t change some [local] user account settings in User Account in the CP. You have to do it in PC Settings.
      I suspect when “Windows 9” rolls out in 2.5 years, it will get a better review.

  2. CathyW says:

    I like the metro screen and it is a start menu .
    I put things like control panel on it. I also use charms to search and do much the same as any other Windows edition. I used to like Vista and like you, had loaded it later in the piece. It used to make me laugh with all the “Are you sure?” messages. I liked the look of it and even had my old phone software running on it. I do not miss the old start menu at all. What I don’t like are those bright metro screen colours! Very kiddie like Win95 and it’s bouncy round logos .

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