What to expect in iOS 7

At the Apple WWDC this past week, I think some are wondering where the innovation went. Surely not in iOS 7.

Apple announced the new features in iOS 7 that will be available this fall in the next iPhone [most are guessing it will be called the iPhone 5S] as well as an update to the iPhone 5 and maybe the iPhone 4S. Here is a rundown of the new features [not innovations]:

  • Siri: Ability to control more devices and services and the option to use a male voice [Siri as a male?]. Hmmm. Rajesh won’t change. šŸ™‚
  • App Store: Introduces “Popular Near Me” for apps related to where you are and more categories are added to the application store. Background updating has also been added, which allows apps to be upgraded and fixed without manual intervention.
  • Interface: Already some are suggesting that it looks more like a hybrid of the BlackBerry Q10 and the Android OS. “Flat” yet “3D”.
  • Control Center: Swipe up from the bottom of the iPhone and you can change various settings, brightness, apps and radio functionality.
  • Camera: An updated interface design with live photo filters, like Instagram, as well as photo organization.
  • Multitasking: Support has been added for app to run in the background while one is in use. Apps also adapts to network conditions, and will update in the background before they’re opened.
  • Safari: Various enhancements include iCloud Keychain, cloud-based password synchronization, and a new page navigation interface.
  • Music: Movies and TV shows are included in the library along with artist imagery, and deeper iCloud integration.
  • AirDrop: The ability [within a certain vicinity] to send data from one iPhone user to another. All transmissions are encrypted.
  • iTunes Radio [or iRadio]: A new streaming service will launch as an ad-supported service in the U.S. Eventually expand to other countries.
  • iOS in the Car: The iPhone software will be integrated with the display in new Hondas, Mercedes, Nissans, Volvos, Jaguars and others in 2014.
  • Activation lock: Maybe part of a way to help reduce smartphone related crimes, if lost or stolen and the thief tries to disable Find My iPhone, the smartphone will lock itself and can only be unlocked with the correct Apple ID credentials.

This is by no means a complete list.


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