First lawsuit in the US surveillance programs leak

Not surprised, someone wants to probably make a name for themselves. After a major issue, the lawsuits come out. The first batch are usually the most ridiculous ones where they basically name everyone as defendants in the lawsuit except maybe some of the pets of the defendants.

So the first lawsuit had been filed against Verizon, the NSA, President Barack Obama, Attorney General Eric Holder and others over the constitutionality of the NSA’s wide surveillance program, which was disclosed late last week. The lawsuit alleges that the surveillance program violates various areas of the US Constitution as well as a number of federal laws.

Unsure who can sue who in the US government but I suspect a federal judge would toss out President Obama as a defendant. In addition, with the very good chance that there will be national security implications. So any lawsuit may not go too far.

Meanwhile, executives at Google, Facebook, and seven other companies identified as being part of the NSA surveillance program known as PRISM have denied that they allowed NSA [or other] intelligence officials direct access to their servers and user data as they saw fit. The companies have denied knowledge of what PRISM is but for those companies involved, it maybe underr a different name.

There is a good probability that the companies’ statements have been carefully scripted. Many of them many have similar language which includes a denial that the government’s agencies have any “direct access” to their data.


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