Some Windows 8.1 answers but also a big question

Of course the preview to Windows 8.1 won’t even be released until the end of June and many questions have been asked without answers. [Of course, unlike other OSs, analysts and others aren’t throwing us unproven rumours: the information below is public.]

One answer did come through. Windows 8.1 RT will indeed get a final version of Outlook.

With Windows 8 [or RT], you will be offered the option to install the preview of Windows 8.1 and install it through the Windows Store but if you do, once Windows 8.1 is installed, you will need to install the Windows 8.1 release by re-installing Windows. While their data and accounts will be preserved if and when you choose to install the free, final 8.1 release, all your applications must be reinstalled. Rollback to Windows 8 RTM will still require the re-installation.

If you decide to wait until the final release of Windows 8.1, you shouldn’t have the headaches of the preview release. Instead it should be like upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 8.

Windows 8.1 should also result in a smaller disk space used up as it removes temporary files, improves NTFS compression and removes old components.

No word on whether the support cycle will be like that of other versions of Windows. Does Windows 8.1 get 5 full and 5 extended support years or does it follow Windows 8 RTM like the old service packs: Windows 8 RTM users must install Windows 8.1 within 2 years or lose support and Windows 8.1 gets the remaining number of years of Windows 8 RTM [i.e. about 4 years full and 5 years extended].

Where it applies, the above also applies to Windows Server 2012 R2.

[Update 2013/06/08:] Here is a link to a promo video from Microsoft on Windows 8.1. Video shows some features but [for example] not really the Start button.


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