How to protect yourself when using Facebook

One thing I’ve noticed with some people on Facebook [FB for short] is the amount of information they give out. Some give out some basic information. Others seem to want to give out every part of their life.

Just remember, information you give out on Facebook can be seen by many people [maybe even the world].

Part of the problem is that some information could lead to identity theft. FB [and other social sites] are a treasure trove of information.

As well, looking for a job? The public view [i.e. they are not you’re friend] may give away too much information. Would they hire you if you are into death metal bands or a Celine Dion fan? 🙂

There is an easy way to see what your FB account will look to others.

First. Go to your home page.

Second, click on the little down arrow to the right of Activity Log and select View As….

home page

By default, it shows your FB page as if the person viewing your page isn’t a friend of yours [but has a FB account].

You will see this black bar like below at the top reminding you that your Public view shown. See what kind of information it is giving out.

[In one case, I was looking up a non-friend, and I found out where she lived – way too much information.]


Too much information? [Hopefully not too little!] Go to your account settings and adjust where necessary.

Now from that black bar, if you click on View as Specific Person you can choose one of your friend and see how your page will look to them.

Another way to limit what is viewed, when you post something, is that little pull-down menu [as in below].


At all costs, avoid Public. This means non-friends can see what you posted. Unsure why Only Me would be needed. Custom allows you to do a pick and choose [i.e. certain friend or groups or exclude some friends or groups]. You can also choose Close Friends and Family.  If your friends don’t need to know about family stuff, then don’t choose Friends!

You can also create groups. For example, friends who play Mah-jong or soccer, like a certain band, cat lovers, family plus those who aren’t officially related but are like family, etc.

Make sure vital personal information [you birthday, where you live, etc.] are kept out of public viewing. You even may want to not include or restrict it. Probably most of your [true life] friends know your birthday already, your address, etc. So why publicize it?

To get back to your regular page, just click on the Facebook logo at the top left of the page.

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  1. amyjk5 says:

    Nice post! Thanks for this type of information. I think this post may be better for Facebook users.

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