Driving pet peeves

OK. Whether or not you drive, you have seen them. Idiots on the road.

Well, here is a bunch of pet peeves regarding these idiots who drive on our road [sometimes dangerously].

  • The drivers who wait until the last moment who want to make a right turn by trying to swing over from the left lane in a three lane road [or vice versa – swap left for right].
  • The drivers who don’t bother to use their signals until they are actually in the turning lane – they can only turn [legally]. Now exactly who is that helping?
  • The drivers who don’t bother to even use their signals when turning left [in a non-left turning only lane].
  • The drivers who decided to use their signals when turning left [in a non-left turning only lane] but at the last moment.
  • The drivers who think they are immune to accidents and tickets by yacking on the cell phone when driving regulations in the province or state have banned cell phone usage talking unless a hands-free device is used.
  • As a sub-pet peeve to above, maybe it hasn’t been banned but wearing headphones to listen to music isn’t smart either [hearing is needed also to drive]. Personally, even Blue-tooth ear devices aren’t that good either.
  • The drivers who walk around with a Bluetooth piece in their ear even when not in the car. Looks a bit ridiculous. Is it glued?
  • The taxi drivers who will do anything to get a customer/victim. From blocking multiple lanes in traffic [when there is a parking spot 20 feet away], to making a U-turn on a busy street, to driving recklessly just to get to that customer/victim, etc.
  • To the truck driver who decides to park on a busy street to make a delivery [when there is a parking spot 20 feet away].
  • The truck drivers [and some others] who like to be right behind your back bumper on a highway.
  • The dumb drivers [in sedans, SUVs, etc.] who are right behind a truck bumpers. The truck driver can’t see the car behind them. [In a side note: In a case like this, I saw a truck went over the stop line and decided to back up – not knowing there is a vehicle right behind his truck. The vehicle’s front end was crushed.]

If you got any to add, feel free to add them in the comment section below.


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