More Windows “Blue” 8.1 details

Some rumored but very close to accurate stories are coming out regarding Windows 8.1 – a free upgrade for Windows 8 users.

Some are suggesting that the Start menu will return but not in the same way. It will still reside in the same spot as pre-Windows 8 versions except when not in a “Modern” app or the Start Screen [makes sense]. When moving the mouse over the bottom left corner, the Start menu will appear.

Also expected is an All Apps view which will list all applications. This is the same All Apps view that users can get in Windows 8 now when they bring up the app bar and select All Apps. With Windows 8.1, users can no get it by swiping up on the Start Screen. When clicking on the Start menu, users will be able to arrange the icons by usage, allowing the most commonly used apps to be first. Not quite like the old Start menu but not too far off.

Microsoft may also allow the same desktop background to be shown in the Modern Start Screen for uniformity.

The boot to desktop will be turned on my default, but can be turned off. The new Start menu will always be there [so far].

Unsure how these changes will affect touch screens.

Of course, nothing will be known until late June when the first preview comes out. Even then, Microsoft generally does not finalize anything until the first beta or so. As this release builds on the original Windows 8, the preview, beta and release candidate “cycle” will be shorter than a full-fledged release. The final release should be in stores in October or early November.


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