Lawsuit by hockey player’s family has little merit

About 2 years ago, hockey player Derek Boogaard died from an overdose of painkillers.

If you follow one story, he was an NHL just to fight other players. The New York Rangers were paying him $1.6 million a year to do so – way more than a good chunk of the NHL players do and especially for a guy who will spend more time in the penalty box [and maybe on the injury list] than most players.

His family is suing the National Hockey League claiming that they should have done more to prevent Boogaard’s brain injuries and his addiction to pain killers.

Just like the National Football League, the [ex-]NHL players are coming out of the woodwork complaining about various ailments related to concussions. They say that the NHL should have responded sooner.

Boogaard knew he signed his contract that had just one job and one job only – to fight other goons in the NHL [while it is probably not worded in his contract I am sure he was informed as well as his agent, his family, etc.]. He wasn’t there to score or anything else.

Anyone who plays hockey [and for that matter football] know that there is a risk of getting a concussion and it increases if you are the team’s designated goon. He knew that when he signed the contract. Concussions didn’t start to appear last year. They have been known for years.

Take the NHL to court? For what? Something he and his family already knew? He could of quit the game or maybe told his coach that he doesn’t want to fight. It was his choice. Was he pressured? Maybe. But it was still his choice. They could of said, fight or lose your job. Making $1.6 million a year is no pocket change. For the typical person, that is about 20 years of a good salary. And he played for a number of seasons.

As for the pill aspect, the story goes that he was playing for the Minnesota Wild where he had more than 40 prescriptions for 1,023 pills. If so, why go after the NHL when it was Minnesota Wild that probably started his drug addiction. Take them to court. Looks like there is some incompetency with the doctors there.

While it is too bad that he died, the Boogaard is at least partially to blame. The Minnesota Wild could also be blamed. In fact, NHL players [like any professional sport] have physicals prior to the season begins at training camp. Surely between the physical as well as seeing anything “odd” in his well-being or behaviour during would have raised a few alarm bells. Or how about his family? Surely if his mood or behaviour was different, wouldn’t they notice it as well? With recent issues related to cracking down on using illegal substances, you would figure testing of various drugs would be included.

Like any life insurance [and assuming here], the insurance isn’t paid out if death is from a suicide. I may be wrong here but since the estate can’t get any money from the insurance, the estate lawyers are going after the NHL with this law suit.


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