Google will probably drop Internet Explorer 9 supports on sites this fall

It’s interesting to note that when Internet Explorer 11 comes out as part of Windows 8.1 [and I guess at one point for Windows 7?] that at one point, Google will stop supporting Internet Explorer 9 in their web products.

According to Google’s policies [which seems to have came out of nowhere when Windows 8 came out], Google will most likely stop supporting Internet Explorer 9 in the fall with the release of Internet Explorer 11. Their policies state that they support the current and previous versions of any web browser only [wondering if they include Google Chrome browser in there because they release about a half a dozen major versions a year].

So if no Internet Explorer 9 supported that covers probably 95% of Windows 7 users plus all Windows Vista users.

Right now if you use Internet Explorer 8 or older versions with some of their web products such as Gmail, a box pops up warning you that certain features may not be available or may not work the way it should. A few sites [such as Google’s search engine] are unaffected.

Of course Google has this policy for at least two reasons:

  • To get Internet Explorer users to switch to Google Chrome [Chrome is suggested all over the place on just about any site to switch to as a “modern browser”].
  • Cheaper for them not to support older web browsers by removing source code from the site that is used by them. Also a bit lazy.

Of course Internet Explorer is not only in Google’s policies as it is the same policies for Firefox, Opera, Safari, etc. Some users, not knowing that they can install a more recent version of internet Explorer, installed Chrome only to discover that either they didn’t need to or don’t like it.

While I am not a fan of Chrome it is because of the security concerns. After Safari, it was the most vulnerable web browser out there according to reports from both Secuna and Symantec [the latter you can find it here]. Claiming that it is a faster browser [if valid] doesn’t outweigh the security concerns.


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