It’s official Windows Blue is Windows 8.1

It’s official. The upcoming update for Windows 8 – codenamed Windows Blue – will be called Windows 8.1. It will be offered through the Microsoft store.

A public preview version will be available on June 26, coinciding with its Build developer conference in San Francisco. No actual timeline as yet, but it will be included in time for the holiday season. So working back [from previous releases], expect a “release to manufacturing” in late August or early September. So MSDN, TechNet Plus and OEMs subscribers will get it then.

Tami Reller, corporate vice-president and CFO of Microsoft’s Windows division, didn’t confirm or deny what will be updated in Windows 8.1 including the return of the Start Menu or booting to the desktop [after logging in, of course]. But I wouldn’t bet against it. Just about every blogger who has Microsoft connections report that it’s a done deal.

Not surprising, like a service pack, the upgrade will be free.

[Would you believe some people who comment in various forums actually think Microsoft would charge for the upgrade and were upset and ready to jump to another OS. A bit dumb and childish. Wait until the announcement instead of relying on dumb rumours.]

See update here.


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