Upgrading your phone? Here’s something funny.

Makes you wonder. I’m at the end of my contract for my cell phone. I have a Blackberry Bold 9700.

I need to wait a bit before the phone I want drops in price for a new contract. So I’m holding onto the Blackberry for a couple of months or so. Phone is in excellent condition. Battery is almost like new.

But I also want to move away from my cell phone provider because I’m in a partial dead-zone. Either I get a good reception or not. I can place the phone on a table and the bars would sometimes go up and down on their own.

I went to a web site which lists cell phone towers across the country and the closest one is quite far.

I had contacted my cell phone provider and they verified I’m in a dead zone. Asked if any towers are to be erected. Said two towers are listed [and they aren’t too far away] but there is no date scheduled. So it could be next month or in 5 years.

So I decided a few months back after the disconnections were getting more frequent, to switch to someone who has closer towers.

The last straw was when I had taken an important call and it disconnected.

[Oh before you ask, Blackberries do not have that antenna issue that the iPhone 4 (right one) had a few years back.]

Funny thing happened tonight. Some company was calling me on behalf of my cell phone provider saying that my contract has expired [I would assume the rate continues on anyways] and my plan has been discontinued.

[Actually I think my contract was up earlier this month, but I digress.]

The guy offered me a free phone. Would you believe an iPhone 4! Just about the time I said I don’t want an iPhone….. Click.

My phone disconnects.

The guy never called back. Wonder if he thought I was p?ssed off.

[Of note, when someone I know had their contract expire, their cell phone provider decided to impose newer and higher rates. How idiotic. If that was me, I would definitely move away from them.]

[Update 2013/05/30:] The same company called again and within 20 seconds into the call, disconnected again.


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