More privacy issues

Privacy seems to be a bit of a hot topic of late. You would figure the big companies would know better… But they don’t.

Take for example Google. Do you use Gmail? Ever notice those ads on the web page? Well, those ads are tailored not just to your Email but the content inside. Yes. Google is electronically reading your messages and using keywords in the messages to place appropriate ads on your web page.

For example, you are a lawyer; expect to have ads related lawyers show up [if that’s possible]. An accountant? Well maybe you will get ads from tax software companies. In the porn business? Well, you’ll get some porn related ads. You get the idea.

Related to privacy is the dumb commercial of the year. In a recent Apple commercial [so far seen in the US] shows people taking pictures and at the ends a voice over says [something like] “More people take pictures from an iPhone every day than any other camera.”

[Note that they used the word “camera” I believe to include all devices that can take a picture such as smartphones and actual cameras.]

I’m wondering how they figured that out. Did they call up Samsung and asked how many pictures have been taken by Samsung users? Surely they can’t find out from stand-alone cameras [i.e. Canon, Nikon, etc.]. And how does Apple know how many pictures someone has taken? Have they been counting somehow without user noticing and sending it to some server without the user’s consent?

And do people really care what brand has taken the most pictures? Who cares. [Will they also say in a future ad that people chat the longest in the iPhone? Most tweets? Most text messages? Most heavy breathing calls [by stalkers]?

Finally, in case you missed it Apple is storing everything you send to the iPhone’s Siri or Dictation software for two years. The first six months in storage will actually contain various about you and your iPhone. After six months, the information is dropped but your voice is still stored for the remaining 18 months.

Why is Apple keeping the voice data? They claim for samples so that they can improve Siri’s/Dictation’s quality of understanding your voice. Uh huh.

And your information? It’s not like they’ll contact you and say “Thank you for providing your voice to our audio collection. Maybe you can read some words for use to improve things.”

Oh ya. Again, did they ask your permission or did you know about it?


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