The bicycle debate continues now that it is spring

The annual debate on whether cyclists should obey the road laws first is back.

I would like to say I am a cyclist that wears a helmet. I may not be like one of those who bike 50km a day, but I still bike.

You have cyclists who ignore the bike path on the other side of the street – for whatever reason. Or maybe they weave in and out of traffic. Or maybe go through lights and stop signs. Signalling? Few know how to do it.

Some cyclists are acting like they are just like any vehicle when they want to. How many times have you seen a cyclist in a left only turning lane waiting for a light? Not even at the median but the middle lane.

Cyclists do need to follow the same rules as vehicles but unfortunately it is never perfect as I’ve seen vehicles go through lights, rolling stops, etc. [And I’m guessing but I suspect less than half of vehicle drivers actually know what signals do and use them regularly.] So, bicyclists are following their vehicle “brethren” – if they can do it, so can we.

Helmets should be mandatory. Some suggest they don’t fit well or are a nuisance. If you go to a proper bike store [and not Wal-Mart], they’ll get one that fits you. Do they save lives? Probably. In any case, better safe than sorry – or dead.

What I dislike also is that some cyclists decide to drive on streets that are narrow, congested, or the lanes aren’t wide.

Even where helmets are mandatory, I see many who either don’t bother or don’t know. The city has done nothing to remind bicyclists or enforce any rules. [If you actually did get stopped for driving without a helmet, I’m sure you can argue that the city hasn’t enforced the law. Recite the number of tickets related to lack of helmets.]

I remember the time where a kid was biking in the middle of the [side] street, with no helmet [required in this particular part of town] and listening to music with headphones. He didn’t see me or hear me until I honked hard [and then complained with some nasty words].


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