Canada’s military looking for military flee markets

Here we go again. After previous fiascos related to the military, the Harper government continues to waste more tax payer’s money.

Recall that Canada bought four used submarines from [I believe the United Kingdom] only to have to retrofit them and at least one had major problems.

Then when the Canadian military joined the Iraq war, it was discovered that Canada’s military had no camouflage uniforms suitable for desert warfare [I don’t think the tree colour green/brown or winter white uniforms (or “pyjamas” as some call them) would be suitable in desert terrain. They received a stockpile from the US military [unsure if given, rented, or bought].

Then of course the plan to purchase the new fighter that western [or NATO] allies were to buy together [to drop the price] only to see the price increased quite a bit – let alone problems and delays.

Now comes another one. Would you believe Canada’s military spent $164 million on spare used parts for the military from the US.

9 VH-71 helicopters, that could not fly anymore for various reasons, were bought and stored at a hangar in Nova Scotia [That alone costs money as the hangar doesn’t belong to the military]. They were to be used as parts for the current aging helicopters that Canada uses in search and rescue operations. I guess the US doesn’t use them or are fazing them out.

These helicopters were not used for search and rescue operations but as the helicopters to ferry current and previous US Presidents and other government officials around – the so-called “Marine One”.

Some are suggesting that maybe they can be fixed [at how much more] but they don’t have an air worthiness certificate and also lack electronics needed for search and rescue. And if they were used, the military would buy more used parts to replace what goes into service.

The suggestion to see if these relics could be used again was asked by the opposition before many times and only now Defence Minister Peter MacKay has looked at the option.

Which brings me to this question: Why does the Canadian military like to buy used equipment?

Maybe Canada should shop around the world at military flee markets.


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