The Great Debate: End of Windows XP Support

Seems that the debate about the end of support for Windows XP continues [and I guess at least for another year].

One blogger wrote: “Most large companies have applications and custom code from the COBOL days, and no doomsday scenarios are playing out, so why should XP be any different?” Well, except for the fact that COBOL probably doesn’t have vulnerabilities – not as much.

To those who think that Microsoft will extend support to Windows XP, forget it. They supported it [by next April] for almost 14 years. I’m sure they don’t want to spend much more resources on it – let alone supporting 5 core consumer operating systems if they did extend it [Windows XP until “Windows 9” if they added another 16 months of support].

A bright spot would be that Microsoft will stop supporting buggy Internet Explorer 6. Someone suggested Microsoft fixing IE6 with the latest technologies. Why? There is IE8 and [once again] Windows XP is in extended support. So no major changes.

I’ve heard of some who suggest a third party company should continue to support Windows XP. I’m guessing no company wants to do it for free, consumers probably won’t want to pay and Microsoft won’t let anyone tough their source code.
Windows XP is old. It is out-dated. Among the technologies, WiFi support included was primitive. Many modern technologies require loads to drivers to install. Some changes would require rebuilding major components.

As Windows XP support dies [or before], third party companies will cease to support it. They won’t mind. Fewer complications to worry about. If you plan on keeping Windows XP, you may want to buy a printer now because sometime before or after April 2014, good luck in finding drivers for them. Especially true with MFPs/All-In-Ones.

Funniest comment I read elsewhere is that some supposedly person who knows computer was in forum saying that he is upset because when Windows XP support dies in April 2014, he won’t be able to use his computer. Huh? It isn’t timebombed!

Those companies who have been using Windows XP knew the writing on the wall years ago. It is not like Microsoft announced the end of support last week or last month. If they can’t prepare for something as this, management is incompetent. They could complain about the software upgrade costs – but meanwhile fail to realize they could have been using the same [out-dated] version for maybe even 10 years. To upgrade every 8-10 years ain’t too bad.

Or what they can do is completely disconnect the Windows XP computers from the network [or run on their own little network but no access to the main network].

Nobody is stopping you from using it after April 2014. Just beware of what could happen when support dies. It won’t be just Microsoft’s support.


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