Harper government and their unethical practices

Within 24 hours of Justin Trudeau becoming leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, the Conservative party already had a TV ad waiting to pounce on Trudeau’s lack of experience, leadership, etc.

They made fun of his previous jobs such as a camp councillor way, way, back. Let’s see, when Harper was elected leader of his party, he had less number of years as a member of parliament than Trudeau had prior to becoming leader.

They used video of him acting a bit like a clown. It turns out that video [which was not used by permission] was taking at a fundraising even when Trudeau was single [he has since married and has two kids]. He was to be auctioned off as a bachelor.

They claimed a number of things that the Stephen Harper government has done in the past few year. For example, the attack ad claimed 900,000 jobs were created since 2009 but they failed to mention if this was cumulative [add up all the jobs create – not matter if temporary, cut short, etc.] or “net” [jobs created minus jobs lost]. The ad also doesn’t mention about the hundreds of thousands who lost their jobs in 2009 and prior when the country went into a recession under Harper’s governance.

Just this week, with Canadian taxpayer money, the government sent out flyers to [what they claim are] Conservative ridings across Canada. Some claim that in excess of $220,000 was wasted [that is quite expensive].
The flyers were sent again to attack Trudeau on his weaknesses. Various scripts for the flyers argue that Trudeau has neither the judgment nor the experience to govern the country and use partial or out-of-context quotes to make the case that he’s “in way over his head.”

Harper myself has claimed that there is nothing wrong and that the campaign is well within the rules of the House of Commons, which are respected and followed by all parties.

Last time I checked, there is a separation between government and party related ads, flyers, etc. where the government is government specific. Of course the Conservatives haven’t respected the rules. Just recently, a Conservative MP sent out a letter on government stationary when it had nothing to do with the government.

The new attack flyers claimed that the Harper government will balance the budget by 2015. 2015 is the likely year where a federal election will be called. Coincidence? Meanwhile he’s slashing budgets left and right including at one point to cut danger pay to soldiers in the Middle East [after public outcry, they then pulled back and said it was just a goof].

The flyer also claimed that the average family saves $3,200 a year in taxes. Wonder where that number came from.

Meanwhile, this government pledge to clean up the Senate – maybe even abollish – but instead we find cronyism.  Yup. Every new senator appointed is a Conservative backer. Three of those have been caught cooking their transportation perks.

Lastly, after disgraced former Montreal official Robert Abdallah left city politics, he was at one point nominsted to be head of the Port of Montreal [a federal government institution] but Harper had to backtrack after Abdallah’s shenanigans came out. What a good judge of character Harper is.

Most figure by now that Harper is getting nervous. He knows that Mulcair can’t win the number of seats he won in the last election.


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