Something fishy in RCMP arrests this week

Somehow in case you missed it, the Canadian government [through the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP)] announced that they have arrested to alleged terrorists [one from Toronto and the other from Montreal] on charges that they were suspected in planning to derail a Via Rail/Amtrak train that goes between Toronto and New York City.

But, it just so happens, it was on the same day that the Harper government announced new anti-terrorism laws. A “photo op”?

Even more interesting is that the RCMP said they intended to arrest the pair three weeks prior but were told by someone to hold off.

In addition, new details suggested that there were probably more accomplices in the plot but have yet to be arrested.

If you were planning a terrorist plot and two of your accomplices were caught, wouldn’t you be in hiding by now? The US is a very big country where you can get “lost” quite easily.

The government pointed to an Al Qaeda henchman in Iran who [after protests from Iran] mysteriously left Iran.

[Not saying the Iran part sounds fishy but Iran and Al Qaeda surprising don’t get along too well.]


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