Windows 7 support without SP1 ends this Tuesday

This Tuesday will be the last day of support for Windows 7 [and Windows Server 2008 R2] without a service pack.

After Tuesday, you will be required to have service pack 1 installed for any future security and non-security updates. For example, the recently released Internet Explorer 10 requires service pack 1.

[As Skype is owned by Microsoft, future Skype updates will probably also need service pack 1.]

If you have not been offered service pack 1 through Windows Update, manually go in and see if it is listed.

Here are some useful links:

To download service pack 1 manually:
[Note: Choose the bottom download (537.8 mb) on the link above if you are running a 32-bit version of Windows 7 or the link above that (903.2 mb) if you are running a 64-bit version of Windows 7. Other downloads aren’t required. Save the download locally then run. Do not run directly.]

Installation, requirements, etc.

Troubleshooting [service pack failure]:

Microsoft support:

Microsoft Communities [support forums]:

From previous service packs for older versions of Windows, one of the culprits for a service pack to fail is some left over remnants of malware. While malware may have been cleaned off your system [according to whatever you used to clean the malware] there is almost always something left behind.

A reminder that every computer is different. Microsoft can now way test every different combination of software installed [even if malware free]. I have seen many so-called computer professionals complain that they’ll never touch a Microsoft product again because of an installation failure. Well, it is not Microsoft’s fault that you installed something that is causing the problem. [I have installed service pack 1 on a dozen or so systems with no issues.]

Some do suggest that you remove all security software from your system [anti-malware, anti-virus, etc.] Disabling isn’t enough.

See also:


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