Reasons why you shouldn’t ever use Windows Live Mail

Here is a very good suggestion: Thinking of using Windows Live Mail [WLM]?


It is plainly the most ridiculous application to support.

First, each and every message is stores as their own file. So if you are a pack rat [or other reasons] and keep every Email you send [and receive], you could have tens of thousands of message files on your system. Not only is this bad to back up [it takes longer].

WLM still stores the mail in an awkward location – but you can quite easily move it to a more normal location where you can back it up such as in My Documents.

Moving to a new computer and want to still use WLM? WLM will import your mail into a separate folder. Let’s say you have a folder called Projects. To move the mail inside Projects into a folder inside your regular mail account, you have to recreate the folder in your regular mail account and them move the mail into that folder and then delete the old folder. You have to repeat for every folder that needs to be moved. A couple of folders aren’t bad. Twenty five are time consuming.

This gets worse with sub-folders off them. You can’t move a bunch of folders in one shot.

So this ain’t bad – but not good. And then it gets worse.

Try moving your contacts.

From the old computer, the easiest way to move your contacts is to export them as a comma separated value [CSV] and then import them into the new computer. That’s easy.

Now try and move your contacts that includes categories [a.k.a. distribution lists]. Good luck. There is no easy way.

After doing some research, everything [contacts and categories] is stored in a file called contacts.edb [plus some associated files]. The version of the old WLM [or Windows Mail which has its own kink] depends on where it is stored. So you can’t back that up using the same script on a bunch of computers if they don’t have the same version.

Problem is that there is no documentation anywhere on how to bring contacts.edb into the new computer.

Scratching your head? I am.

Anyone has a way to do that?

Better off using a real mail client like Outlook, Thunderbird, etc.

Would have been nice if WLM included something to import and export contacts properly.


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