More information on Windows 8 “Blue”

Microsoft is adjusting its schedule for the Windows 8 family [client, server and phone]. Under this new schedule, these systems can be improved with minor updates over time—like new bundled applications versions and various cumulative updates and probably a semi-major update once a year. That semi-major update? It’s codenamed “Blue” and is due roughly one year after the initial release.

A leaked of the 32-bit version of Windows 8 “Blue” (build 9364) floated around on the Internet. It is a combination feature pack/service pack that adds both new features and bug fixes.

Many of the updates are designed to reduce user reliance on the desktop, particularly the Control Panel interfaces. So more “modern” interface. So many of the applets in the Control Panel [but not all] will appear in PC Settings – Control Panel’s quasi replacement. This will confuse people. Will it be in one place or the other.

One of the odd things I found in Windows 8 was that the User Settings did not have the feature the change the default icon when you log into a workgroup or stand-alone system. It was in PC Settings. Why didn’t they move it all there from the beginning?


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