Harper government still playing with us

So the Conservative government of Stephen Harper released their budget today. Anyone reads on the “john”? It is 500+ pages long. [You’ll be sitting for a while.]

So on the bright side there is training and infrastructure. As well, as cracking down on tax cheats and closing loopholes.

Would you believe that if you know a tax cheat you can get [up to] 15% of what the government recoups from the tax cheat? [I wonder what happens if someone snitches on someone and it’s a false alarm.

Biggest cut? Military. As well, increase in prices from former developing countries such as China in a couple of years [or less]. So duties for items made in China will go up in price. [We will see if that happens as I suspect China will complain quite a bit and the Harper government will end up making changes so the duties will be cut – maybe completely.]

But the Harper government still is trying to cut costs left and right to kill the deficit and have a balance budget in a couple of years.

Why? Because the next election could be in 2015 and the current government wants to kill the deficit and have a balanced budgets.

The finance minister says that the government has dropped the deficit from something like $56 billion a few years ago to $19 billion now. Well, which government has been in charge for those few years ago? Yup. The same as right now – except they have a majority government.

So in a sense, the government is cutting costs left and right because of their spending a few years ago.

Reminds me of some of the waste this government has produced such as spending $75+ million in the past year on advertising for programs that we know about [such as the action Plan Program and not something like notices from a government department.]


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