Microsoft to push out service pack 1 for Windows 7 RTM users starting today

With support for Windows 7 RTM [i.e. no service pack] expiring on April 9th, Microsoft have begun to push out service pack 1 as of today using Windows Update for users who vdon’t have it installed yet [for wehatever reason].

If you are using the RTM version, you should be notified of the update. Make sure the system drive [usually “C”] has plenty of disk space [some can be reclaimed back later on]. Best guess is to have at least 2GB free. Most will be returned at the end but some will be used for files that were backed up.

Those on a managed network should not have an issue. Those running stand-alone systems will see the service pack [attempted to be installed]. However, in the rare circumstance where you can’t install the service pack, the best option is to use the Windows 7 service pack blocker.

Note that without service pack 1 installed, you will not receive further security updates after April 9th. In addition, major updates [such as Internet Explorer 10] as well as future software releases from Microsoft will require service pack 1.

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