Maybe the iPad 5 in April and iPhone 5S in the fall

The Apple rumours are ramping up again, but unlike previous times, the rumours are becoming less and less often because the Apple “glitter” is fading.

What is expected to be the iPhone 5S will probably be released in August or September and will include an improved camera, a more advance processor and will include an improved camera, a more advance processor [of course] and iOS 7.

Meanwhile the next iPad could be as early as April. The full iPad could be named the “iPad 5” while the mini could be called the “iPad Mini 2”. [Notice how they jumped versions to take care of the number-less editions.]

The iPad 5 concept features the same 9.7-inch display, but its left and right bezels are virtually gone, leaving only enough space on the top and bottom to fit the FaceTime camera and Home Button. With its chamfered edges and curves and dark aluminum back plate, the iPad 5, in other words, would look like a stretched-out iPad Mini.

The iPad 5 to be 4 mm shorter and 17 mm narrower than the iPad 4. At about 2 mm thinner than the fourth-generation iPad, the iPad 5 will be almost as thin as the first-generation iPad Mini.

But all this information are just rumours. Remember a year ago the iPad was rumoured to be called the “iPad HD” or even “iPad 3” but instead was just the “iPad”.


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