Windows 8 installs numbers are even worse than Vista

The numbers speak for themselves. Vista, universally acknowledged as a failure, actually had significantly better adoption numbers than Windows 8. At similar points in their roll-outs [5 months after the retail release], Vista had a desktop market share of 4.52% compared to Windows 8’s share of 2.67% [the data came from Net Applications]. Underlining just how poorly Windows 8’s adoption has gone, Vista didn’t even have the advantage of holiday season sales to boost its numbers as it came out in January of 2007.

The three reasons by the failure has been: the “modern” interface [including the lack of a Start menu], developers dislike developing applications for it, desktop is faster but clumsy.

Some are pointing their fingers at Windows 7 users upgrading to Windows 8. After Windows 7 users just got their system within the last 3 years [and most of them within the last 2 years], the vast majority of them won’t rush to shell out money to upgrade to Windows 8.

The big issue is getting [primarily] the millions of Windows XP users [and some Vista users] to upgrade. In the case of the former, many require a hardware upgrade. Many left are also individuals – and not companies – and may not be able to afford to shell out $500 on something decent.

I still know a couple of dozen people who are running Windows XP and aren’t rushing to go to Windows 8 or even Windows 7] even though I’ve warned them getting a Windows 7 system will get harder and hard to get as we get closer to April 2014 and may be stuck with Windows 8. I suspect some may even ignore the end of support deadline and continue to use Windows XP [take their chances].

Microsoft should offer some type of incentive or heavy rebate. Something like buy a new [Windows 8] system and show proof that you were using windows XP and get a nice reduction.


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