Subway gift card scam

Be on the look-out for a chance to win a Subway gift card [or similar offers from others].

These are probably considered scams.

[I am waiting for verification but what they offer sounds unlikely. On top of that there has been a number of complaints regarding the hosting site]

Unsure what law they are talking about in the text at the bottom. The body’s text itself sounds a bit odd – as if written by someone who isn’t fluent in English.

Emails come from the domain – registered by someone in Romania!

Neither domains seem to be registered to actual companies.

Aside from getting your information including birthday, they don’t seem to be looking for much – unless for a future identity theft possibility.

The sloppy Email will look something like below:


I was eating at Subway, when they made an announcement.

They give Gift Cards, you only need to complete an survey. You can take it, just a couple of seconds.

See how to get yours NOW!

<link removed>

*According to the law 365/2002 concerning electronic commerce, this message is not and cannot be considered spam because of the following: receiving this offer does not involve you financially, your e-mail address was found either on a public site, business lists or lists of e-mail addresses from other companies that sent us their offers or through business meetings.

Note: While this has all the signs of a scam, I have still sent in a question to Subways to verify. In the meantime has other possible scam offers including winning an iPhone, or 4 tickets to any NHL hockey game [not mentioned if NHL approved].


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