Was Yahoo hacked?

Within the past couple of days, a bunch of people I know who have a Yahoo account have sent me garbage/spam/scam Emails.

But they weren’t from them.

Two Emails are from people I know with Yahoo accounts who are in Yahoo Groups with me. Others are friends of the family.

As of yet, I haven’t heard anything about a hack. But to get this many in a couple of days after none [from people I know] is a bit odd.

This doesn’t even include a spam message or two that creep by my provider’s spam filters that originate from Yahoo.

Seems scammers, phishers and spammers are turning to Yahoo because it seems Yahoo is too easy to send out their crap without getting shut down.

Or maybe the people at Yahoo are just incompetent.

[And this is just the few messages I get that do creep by my provider’s spam filers. I wonder how many get stopped.]

If you have a Yahoo account, change your password!


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2 Responses to Was Yahoo hacked?

  1. acitizenstable says:

    Hi ebraiter – They’ve been hacked:


    It sounds like they the hackers are still active. If your friends have any issues changing their password, there’s another article on the site that helps them get to a Yahoo representative.

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