becomes (finally)

Yesterday, Microsoft announced that its highly popular email service is ready for prime time. Since the release of last summer as a preview, millions of people have already actively started using it, with 60 million in just six months [note: some were migrated over and not with new accounts].

Starting yesterday, Microsoft will begin to upgrade every Hotmail user to, so they can benefit from new features like smart integration with their social networks and easy sharing of hundreds of photos and videos within a single message.

The upgrade is seamless and instant for Hotmail customers; your email address, password, contacts, etc., will stay the same.

There could be the option to switch to a but if you do there may be some “consequences”. Although I haven’t tried switching, unsure what happens to newsletters and other things that use your old address [i.e. are they aliased?].

One option could be to create a brand new account and slowly migrate over. One big advantage is that you wouldn’t have [for the near future] any spam.

If you are a Bell Sympatico user, your interface may not change immediately. Bell Sympatico uses the Hotmail “engine”. They will advise you if and when it happens.


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