More privacy concerns

Privacy issues continue to be questionable. This seems to be happening more often when you are using one account [such as Facebook or Google+] to comment about something on another site [usually entertainment news sites, bulletin boards or news sites].

When I recently decided to post a comment on an entertainment news site, the site gave the option to log in sand post using a Microsoft ID, Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook, and a couple of other sites.

I decided to post using a Microsoft ID account [in this case my “throw-away” Hotmail account]. Before it accepted the post, I had to agree of the following conditions:

  • The site will be able to see your profile info, including your name, gender, display picture, contacts, and friends.
  • The site will be able to see the email addresses in your profile.
  • The site will be able to see your birthday, your age, and the birthdays of your contacts.

You could not post to the site unless you agreed to the above. You couldn’t even agree to one or two of the three. It was an all or nothing. Interestingly that if you log into the site with the credentials [i.e. Microsoft ID, Facebook, etc.] you would be able to remove the second and third requirements.

In my case, I used my “throw-away” Hotmail account. If it has my birthday, it isn’t my actual birthday. Why do they need my birthday? My age is sufficient if it was related to a site that wants you to be 18 years old or older.

Name and gender I could understand. Profile picture is questionable. Having access to friends’ names, Email address and birthdays shouldn’t be allowed. There is no reason for that.

So before you use one site to access another site, you should look at the “fine print”. Additionally, routinely go into your settings for Facebook, Google+ and others and see what access each of these sites are giving to others.


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