Updated timetable to the decommissioning of Live Messenger

Microsoft will begin phasing out MSN/Windows Live Messenger to 1% of its desktop users [call it a test phase] on March 15th. Assuming that phase works well, on April 8th, they will start to phase out all users from English countries followed by other countries. They expect everyone [except those in mainland China] will be removed by the end of April.

Microsoft is pushing users to switch to Skype. Log into Skype with your Microsoft ID [same account use to log into Messenger]. If you have no Skype account, you’ll be almost set. If you have a Skype account to merge, you will need to supply Skype with the Skype account and then merge the two. After merging, don’t use your Skype account (ever again).

As of now, there is no timetable for mobile users that use MSN Messenger. [This is good because (currently) as a Blackberry Bold user, there is no Skype for it.]

If you’re using Messenger via a third-party instant messaging service [such as Trillian, Digsby, Pidgin or IM++] you will have a somewhat longer reprieve from being shut off. Each third-party service has its own timetable for doing this.



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