Apple’s iOS 6.1 continues to cause problems

After iOS 6 first arrived, an immediate Wi-Fi problem appeared and was quickly fixed. Or so users thought. Since then, there have been several other iOS 6 updates but the problems continued. Now, with the release of iOS 6.1, once more some hoped for a fix for Wi-Fi problems. It didn’t really.

Some have reported that iOS 6.1 fixed the problems while others said the Wi-Fi now doesn’t work with iOS 6.1. Or if it helped, seems it doesn’t still work in some places [i.e. work at home but not in the office]. Go figure.

Apple has recently suggested that Apple products may be unable to connect to 802.11n Wi-Fi networks if WMM (Wireless Multimedia) is disabled. Now that is a suggestion – not a correct fix. They don’t seem to know the problem.

Vodafone, the UK cellular carrier, and Three Austria, are asking that its iPhone 4S users not upgrade to iOS 6.1 because of intermittent 3G performance and connectivity problems.

As well, Microsoft Exchange users are being urged not to upgrade because their iOS 6.1-equipped iPhones and iPads are overloading corporate Exchange servers. Seems the connections are generating numerous log entries that weren’t there prior to 6.1. At least initially, Apple denied it was an issue there.

The 6.1 update also added a new problem: You can now bypass entering a password when you swipe the lock screen to unlock the phone.

Finally, there are reports that some of these issues may be also contributing to a lousy battery life.

Don’t expect any fixes [assuming they program them right] any time soon. Apple has a history of taking time to fix problems [that they say correct the problems].

;Update 2013/03/22:] See


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One Response to Apple’s iOS 6.1 continues to cause problems

  1. ebraiter says:

    Apple release iOS 6.1.2 to correct the problem …. Assuming it does and not bugger something else.

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