Apple administrative problems continue

An Apple investor is taking Apple to court. You would of figured that it would be because Apple’s stock has plummeted by about 35% since peaking at over $700 per share last year or maybe the company has amassed $137 billion [yes that much!] in cash lying around.

Nope. Investor David Einhorn sued Apple Inc. last week, saying a proposal slated for a vote at the company’s annual meeting in two weeks would make it more difficult to enact his plan to reward shareholders by distributing a new class of shares. Tim Cook basically laughed at the lawsuit.

Meanwhile, there is talk of Apple re-inventing the watch. Yup. The watch. I guess add music or whatever to it. It could become quite heavy.

Cook has also mention at a conference recently, that Apple may releaser a larger screen version of the iPhone at one point. In the good old days, Apple was the innovator. Now they are the follower [copycat?]. Already some of the Androids out there have larger screens and the iPhone’s biggest competitor, Samsung Galaxy S class, will probably have a larger screen with the Samsung Galaxy S IV which may debut in March.

So everything that Cook has done since Jobs left this planet [hmmmm] was probably still primarily from Jobs’ legacy. Now with him solely in control, we see that Apple is indeed having a hard time on multiple fronts.


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