App stores need quality – not quantity

Apple’s AppStore(TM) has just over 780,000 applications online [as of the fall of 2012] according to a web site plus another 276,000 that aren’t available anymore for download for whatever reason.

Of those available, nearly 20% are game related and about 10% are education related. According to the web site this site, business related applications account for just 6.25% of the total. Books are at 7% [books are an application?].

As well, almost a thousand applications are submitted a day.

According to another site, of the just over a million applications created, almost two thirds were not downloaded or barely. The same site reports that most applications reviewed were awarded 3 stars or less [a combined 77%].

A further site reported that as many as 375,000 have never had a download.

Why am I mentioning all this?

Just to show that quantity in the number of [true] applications – whether it is the AppStore, Google’s Play, Windows Store, or Blackberry’s store – isn’t what should be looked at for a benchmark.

Instead, look at the quality. For example, 77% of AppStore applications had reviews of 3 stars or less. That isn’t good. Unsure what the other stores percentage is but I would not be surprised if they had similar results.

So when you go to the AppStore [for example], how do you go through 130,000 applications to find a game [assuming you wanted something different]?


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