Fraudulent or they can just get away with it

I won’t name the “fast” food chain but you know who I mean.

Anyways, last week, a story came out that claimed that they got caught selling their advertised twelve inch submarines as less than twelve inches. I don’t mean an eighth of an inch shorter but some say they were in the eleven inch range.

The head office for the company [at least] initial response was that it was the way it was cooked as the reason why it was shorter.

Let me see. The dough is pre-packaged and frozen [I’m sure] into equal sizes. I am sure the headquarters have some type of regulations require how long should a submarine breading should be cooked – if not exactly then within a range [I never worked there but I’m guessing].

So unless multiple franchises are skimming off the actual time, something is odd. Even then, shouldn’t they all come out the same anyways if they were pre-cut at some factory [who knows where]?

Already there is a report of at least two lawsuits against the company. Even if they went to court [and I’m almost sure they won’t] what could someone gain by starting a lawsuit? No judge will give that person any monetary compensation. Would be hard to give a discount to those affected – since the evidence is long swallowed! Could actually force the company to give everyone a discount, but in the end the company could actually benefit [people like sales or discounts].

If this is fraud it is not the only thing they are fraudulent at.

I’ve always had a bit of a pet peeve at them with their slogan about eating fresh.

Think of it: What exactly is fresh there? The closest would be the breading which [I’m hoping] is cooked in the ovens on the spot but as I mentioned, the dough is pre-cut elsewhere and frozen when the franchise gets it.

The ingredients? Everything from the tuna, to the lettuce, to the deli are pre-cut or made elsewhere. Look how the steak [bits] is all in their individual little cardboard portions or how the turkey slices are already sliced up.

At one point they offered two twelve inch submarines for $13 [so $6.50 each]. But at that time, few twelve inch submarines were sold for more than $6.50 each. If anything, it could be cheaper to [then] buy teo twelve inch submarines without the coupon and it would be as cheap.


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