A reminder to use strong passwords

Here we go again.

I know of someone who had their Email account hacked.

I was able to figure it out quite easily that something was fishy. One clue was that I rarely get Email from the individual. Another clue was that the message was generic in principal but sent to “undisclosed recipients”.

Anyways, a reminder that if you use weak passwords it will also eventually affect others that you know. For example:

  • The hackers know your password. They can now see if you used the same password on other sites such as Facebook, Skype, other Email accounts, etc.
  • The hackers could use your contacts in the hacked mail box and sell the contacts to others.
  • The hackers could use your contacts to send out their own spam, messages containing malware, etc.
  • The hackers could try and send out a fake message from you stating that you are [for example] stranded in a foreign country, lost your passport and wallet and need money]. I’ve seen this happen a number of times.
  • The hackers could attempt to extort money if they find information that could be bad for you or who you work for [proprietary information, illegal activities, etc.].
  • The hackers could use proprietary information found in your account and sell it.

Think of how your friends, co-workers or clients will feel if they clicked on something they should have or think of how unprofessional they will think you are if they received any of this crap.

Therefore, the next time you use a weak password, think of the consequences before you use it.

If you have problems keeping track of passwords, download software such as Keypass (http://keepass.info/download.html Windows with porting to iPads, iPhones, Androids, Blackberries, etc.) or Password Corral (http://www.cygnusproductions.com/downloads/downloads.asp Windows only). Most password software will encrypt the data [verify before using].

Keeping passwords in a book is dangerous [could lose it] or in an Excel or other document are unsecure.


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