Windows 7 RTM support ends in April

Make sure you are using Windows 7 [or Windows Server 2008 R2] with service pack 1. After April 9th, Windows 7 without a service pack won’t be supported. When this happens, you will not receive any more security and non-security updates for Windows from Microsoft. Some software developers may also stop supporting Windows 7 without a service pack.

Unless you stopped or disabled the installation of service pack 1, you should have it by now.

Service pack 1 is free. Just requires a bit of time to download and install.

To see what service pack level you have, do the following:

  1. Go to the Control Panel.
  2. If your view is set by category, choose System & Security.
  3. If it is or not set by Category, choose the System icon.
  4. Look under View basic information about your computer. If it doesn’t mention service pack 1 under the copyright notice then you don’t have service pack 1.

If you don’t have service pack 1, select Windows Update from the Start menu and check for important updates. If not listed [or if you have multiple computers to update], see

Note: You must be connected to the Internet until the installation is complete if you are updating through Windows Update.

Note: Even though you may have been up to date in terms of security updates and non-security updates [excluding the service pack], you may receive some updates after the installation. Also, expect probably two reboots [or more] during the updating.


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