Obama releases gun recommendations. NRA won’t budge.

Well US President Obama came out with some recommended changes regarding guns in the US.

Among the recommendations is to spend money on research on why there are gun issues in the US. Most developed countries do not have issues such as mass shootings and yet it seems to be common in the US.

Another recommendation is to have more screening in who is purchasing a gun. For example, mentally fit, no criminal activities, etc. There is talking of also getting tougher on gun trafficking. The National Rifle Association [NRA] doesn’t seem to mind those.

What they do mind is limiting the number of bullets in a gun clip as well as the ban of assault weapons. [Do you need an assault rifle with a 30 bullet clip to kill a helpless dear?]

Other measures include closing a loophole that allows gun sales by private sellers to go ahead without background checks, as well as measures to keep gun buyers from purchasing firearms on behalf of someone else.

Since the Newton massacre, the NRA in the US has argued for more guns – to protect children in schools. And yet at the Columbine massacre around ten years ago, there were two armed guards and that didn’t stop the killings.

According to history, the NRA was set up after the US Civil War to show civilians how to shoot guns. In the 1930s, with the violence going on [think John Dillinger and the like], the NRA was actually in favor of gun control. But sometime in the mid-1970s, the NRA was hijacked by right wing conservatives who basically hijacked the NRA.

Now, during the last US election, they spent $19 million on candidates opposing the Democrats. They intend to spend more to stop Obama from coming out with any legislation that will reduce the number of guns in the US.

Just recently, the NRA announced that over 250,000 new members have joined the NRA since the Newport massacre – roughly a 6% increase in members in just a month.

On Tuesday, the NRA released a 30-second video accusing Obama of being an “elitist hypocrite” because his daughters have Secret Service protection at school, yet he does not advocate armed guards in all of the country’s schools. Hmmm. Let’s see – to prevent the kidnapping of the family of the President, maybe?

On Tuesday, the New York Assembly approved by a vote of 104-43 strict measures that call for a tougher assault weapons ban and restrictions on gun and ammunition sales.

The new legislation includes measures aimed at keeping the mentally ill from owning firearms, requires background checks for private sales of assault weapons to anyone other than immediate family, reduces magazine capacity from 10 to seven bullets and bans the online sale of assault weapons in New York.

Not surprising the NRA called the New York laws as “draconian”. They also are comparing Obama to a king [i.e. fought the war of independence to get away from the monarchy but it has come back].

One Republican on the hill has even suggested an impeachment of Obama.


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