Microsoft to discontinue Windows Live Messenger on March 15th

If you did not get an email from Microsoft regarding the Windows Live Messenger [WLM] service, you should be getting one shortly.

Microsoft is expected to discontinue Windows Live Messenger [i.e. MSN Messenger or Windows Messenger] on March 15th. Yes this March 15th.

Microsoft is encouraging those using Messenger to instead switch to Skype. Version 6 includes the option to chat [instant message] just like Messenger with the added features including to chat with Facebook users [if you have an account].

If you are new to Skype, choose your WLM account when logging in. It will automatically import your WLM contacts.

You can then also add Facebook contacts by right clicking on the Contacts and select Facebook and follow the directions.

Of course, you don’t need a microphone or webcam if you just want to chat.

The latest version is at [don’t ask my why the server name is “beta”].

Personally, I prefer the WLM chatting interface over Skype. As a whole, Skype’s interface isn’t as clean. On the other hand, no ads. 🙂

Note: If you don’t see the option to add Facebook for chatting, it is in the latest version.

Note: You can only completely close Skype by choosing Quit. If you choose Close, it is the same as minimizing. If you choose Sign Out, then you will have to sign in to connect.

Tip: I noticed that if you want to minimize [not quit] Skype, it is still showing up in the taskbar [same if you choose to Close]. If you don’t want it on the taskbar but just in the system tray, change the compatibility mode to Vista with service pack 2. Had the same issue with WLM. Odd.

Tip: You can make Skype look a bit like WLM by clicking on the View menu and select Compact View.

Update 2013/01/11: Skype has been updated to 6.1. Version 6.1 now also integrates  with Outlook, so you can now chat in Outlook.


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