Cyber bullied for selling items

A friend of mine [for purposes of this article, I will call her Pat] has been having a rough time of late.

See Pat sells stuff on Craigslist.

Unsure what started it, but for months now Pat has been effectively cyber bullied by someone.

The cyber bully, she figures, is doing it because she has invaded his turf [last I checked, it’s a big city].

Recently, the cyber bully has increased the rhetoric by actually posting nasty comments on Craigslist saying Pat is a b?tch, a scammer, a liar, etc. The cyber bully has said [unconfirmed] that he has posted warnings on various college and university bulletin boards [the physical ones – not online] about her.

I had suggested at one point that she contact Craigslist directly. Try and find somewhere on the site to get any address. I ended up resorting to use the DNS records that the domain is registered to.

Their response? Flag the items and not much else. This even after Pat included a sample of some of the links where the cyber bully has made nasty comments.

In our next conversation, I had then suggested the following:

  • If posted on college or university bulletin boards, take a photo of the bulletin board with the comments. Take a few of the comments down to show there are numerous postings.
  • Print out a selection of ads that featured the nasty comments by the cyber bully.
  • Prepare a list of links of a good selection of links as well.
  • Visit a local police station [possibly with a lawyer] and make a formal complaint. Even if the police do take the complaint and do nothing, it will be on record.

I’m not a legal expert, but somewhere down the line she could go after Craigslist for doing nothing.

Any other thoughts?


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