A tentative NHL deal – will the fans return?

So, there is a tentative deal between the NHL owners and the NHL players association after a 16-hour mediated session starting on Saturday.

The puck will begin to drop either on January 15th but most likely January 19th for a 48 game schedule.

The question will be whether or not the fans will come back. Sure the die-hard ones [such as my nephews and niece] will be watching. But I think they lost many of the casual fans as well as those that just got into the game.

If ratified by both sides, the good thing is that it will give 10 years of labor piece [and hopefully Gary Bettman will be gone by the time they have to negotiate for the next labor contract.

Now they have to figure out all the small things like how this would affect the television contracts.

Although, I doubt they would do it at this time [as the owners would object], as I said before, kill off the first round of the playoffs for this year. This would add about 8 games to the season.

Well, at least ushers, food stands, near-by sports stores, and others can finally get their jobs back.


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