No hockey season? Do we care?

Well, about 40% of the NHL hockey season is gone. Today would have been the day when the Detroit Red Wings would of played the Toronto Maple Laughs in the annual Winter Classic in front of an estimated 100,000 people in a stadium around Detroit.

Instead, there is none because of the strike/lockout.

Really, I don’t care who is to blame. Overpaid hockey players who whine about small things or greedy owners who complain about losing money [well a few of them] but play in non-hockey markets like Tampa, Phoenix, and Nashville.

If there are those in the cities I mentioned who are reading this and the other usual suspects, they are not hockey towns. Heck. They don’t even get snow – or very limited. Commissioner Gary Bettman would do anything to expand the NHL into the US, even in areas that don’t really have much of a fan base. Meanwhile, two major Canadian cities that could keep a team running – Hamilton and Quebec City – are denied any franchises – either new or relocation from US cities.

I’m shocked that Bettman allowed Winnipeg to get a team – aside from their small arena.

Meanwhile you have the players who are whining about low pay, free agency issues and getting concussions. Some are taking the NHL to court for not coming out with rules to reduce concussions.

Hey, instead of moaning about other stuff, how about striking for rules to be enforced to prevent concussions. I think any player going into hockey knows that a concussion is very possible. It is part of the game. You can’t blame the owners for something that you knew about. It’s like taking car manufacturers to court because a car can cause an accident [other than a malfunction or defect in the car].

Concussions occur because the player was hit mistakenly by another player or not mistakenly. Even if it was the later, many times they are not hit on the head by the other player [which there are penalties for already] but when they tumble.

If the season actual resumes in the next month [because the NHL has said that if they can’t get a 48 game season, the season will be cancelled], boycott them. Don’t wear anything from an NHL team. Don’t go to a game. Don’t watch a game. Don’t listen to a game. Instead, go out and support the minor leagues.


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