Google updates Chrome browser which may lead to problems

Google has announced changes in Chrome 25. One major change will include blocking silent extension installations which will be replaced with a pops up window dialog box asking the user to confirm that the extension is legitimate before it is installed. In the second part of changes, it also involves extensions. Google will also scan “every extension that is uploaded to the Chrome Web Store and take down those [deemed] to be malicious.”

Allowing the user the choice what and what not to install could sometimes have major drawbacks. For instance, unless the user knows this change is coming, they will most likely:

  1. accept everything – and therefore kill the actual intent of this system as they could allow malware or spyware onto the system, or
  2. accept nothing – because they are suspicious of anything new and therefore lose that browsing “experience”

I’ve seen many cases where something pops up on their system from a site and the user believes it’s true. I can count quite a few who believed those fake anti-virus screens that popped up and said that your system has 125 items that are viruses or malware after a 3 second scan. What would be the difference between a pop up window [that itself isn’t a good thing] that tells a user whether or not to allow an update?

Even with Google “scanning” for malicious extensions, it isn’t full proof. I think it’s a way for Google to take the easy way out and dump any problems on the user – instead of finding a way to police their own web browser.

And of course a new browser version and features will lead to numerous updates for the browser to come after. I’d say within 3 weeks, there will be an update to version 25, probably fixing a dozen or so vulnerabilities.


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