Computer Tip: Working with MS Outlook – part 2

Here are a couple more tips in using Outlook.

In an option for more recent Outlook versions, such as Outlook 2010, Outlook can detect if a recipient is online [though Windows Live Messenger]. Unfortunately this sometimes also slows down using the message. Additionally, if you don’t use Messenger, why keep it. To disable, go into Outlook Options, select Contacts in the left column and look for Display online status next to name under Online status and photographs. Uncheck the option.

Finally, you may wish to disable some add-ins that aren’t required. Once again go to Outlook Options. Click on Add-Ins in the left column. It will list active and in-active add-ins. Click on the Go button towards the bottom. Here are some add-ins that may not have to be enabled [some didn’t come with Outlook]:

  • Acrobat PDFMaker Office COM Addin – Create PDFs within Outlook. Not needed as also in the Print option.
  • COM Addin for Microsoft Outlook Hotmail Connector – If you and not reading your Hotmail Email, you don’t need it.
  • Microsoft Access Outlook Add-In for Data Collection and Publishing – Name says it all.
  • Microsoft Exchange Add-In – Only useful if you are at a company using an Exchange Server.
  • Microsoft Outlook Social Connector – If you want to connect with a social network.

As usual, these are just tips. Use at your own risk. Test before using.


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