It’s the end of the world….

[…and I feal fine. A REM song.]

Well, it’s just after midnight. The day the Mayans believe that the world is coming to the end if you believe that stuff.

Well, I’m sure a few decided to get this week’s pay check and splurge it on an expensive meal with that special someone [wife, husband, mistress, gigolo, …] and bought a new expensive car thinking if the world comes to an end, you won’t have to worry about not having to pay for it. Might as well go out in style. Right?

Me? Even the day before I had my mug shot taken for my driver’s license card renewal and was asked if I wanted to pay now for the actual license renewal [due at the end of January], I declined. Why give my money to the government early [although at most 5% was thinking of the Mayans :-)].

Assuming you believe a bit of what the Mayans said, if you are on a diet or just eat non-junk food, you can always drop by your [use to be] favourite burger joint and have a nice bacon double cheeseburger [or in Quebec a family size portion of poutine – or both]. After all, if the world is going, who needs to care about a diet or eating healthy.

Anyways, gotta go. Spend $50 million for a cramped spot on Richard Branson’s space rocket?


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One Response to It’s the end of the world….

  1. Heh. I think the majority of websites were spinning the end of the Mayan calendar, as an end-of-the-world disaster type of situation. Which reminds me exactly of the Y2K bug. Remember when so many companies were jumping on that bandwagon spending crazy cash on consultants to validate their code just to make sure that their software clock doesn’t reverts back to the stone age, ahem, I mean January 1 1900? I think the media adopted the same type of approach except now that they wanted to show the end of the world (? who gave them that idea anyway) would come in the form of some horrible natural (or supernatural) disaster.

    Personally I think that Dec 21 is just another date but to the Mayans, it was the end of their calendar. Was it cause they ran or room on their calendar wheel like on those cartoons, or was there a deeper significance. Personally I think the latter holds truth. Maybe in the next few months or years we’ll have some major discoveries, like newer sources of clean energy, medical advances that will make the current ones look like we’re in the middle ages, who knows. I just hope that the world will be moving forward, not backward, because if you remember what happened with the Maya civilization, they abandoned their great cities and moved back to the jungle. Hope we’re not going on that path.

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