A slight twist in those phone scammers

Slightly different from previous scams, where you get a call from a Microsoft “representative”, now a company was set up to make those calls look legitimate.

Be on the look-out from someone claiming to be from Microsoft or a representative of Microsoft with the phone number 855-888-5881. They are reported to be from a company called Ceylon Technologies. They actually have a web site.

As usual they will claim that they [Microsoft] have detected a problem with your computer [any number of reasons] and require accessing your computer remotely.

From there they won’t fix the problem but cause more problems and then state that the problem is more serious than previously thought.

They will then want to charge $80 [or so] to fix the problem but in the end won’t do much to fix the problem they caused.

A reminder that Microsoft doesn’t know that you own a Windows based computer. They wouldn’t call you [unless of course you initiated it for whatever reason].

Hang up on them.


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2 Responses to A slight twist in those phone scammers

  1. Older people I find have a fear of technology and would be more vulnerable to these types of scams. I’d love to get a call from Celyon Technologies actually, I’d give them their money’s worth.

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