40 million sold. Really?

Wondering what the 40 million is? Microsoft claims that they have sold 40 million licenses of all Windows 8 version – desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphone and whether upgrades, OEM, volume licensed, etc. – since Windows 8 went on sale just over a month ago.

While it would look foolish lying about totals in public, with the not so spectacular reviews from critics (aside from word of mouth), I am surprised they sold that many.

Three years ago, by Boxing Day [that’s December 26 and 2 months after its release], Windows 7 accumulated an impressive 60 million purchases – and was without any smartphone or tablet release.

Windows 8 may become a big turkey – maybe not as big as Windows ME or Windows Vista [I really had no objections to the latter] – but I’m surprised with the amount considering a [not so scientific] poll said that 74% of businesses will not do any Windows 8 migrations for at least a year and a fairly big group don’t plan any migrations to Windows 8.

You think things would be different if there was an option to have the Start menu? Already some small companies are selling Start menu look-a-likes – not exactly like the old Start menu of Windows 7 but close.

Update 2012/11/30: According to a report from Reuters, an analysis by research firm  NPD Group indicates that consumer sales of Windows PCs fell by 21 per cent last month. Since Windows 8 launched, Windows laptop sales have actually dropped 24 per cent from the same period a year ago, and desktop sale are off by eight per cent.


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2 Responses to 40 million sold. Really?

  1. i refuse to agree no way is it 40 milli

    • ebraiter says:

      I think Microsoft would be quite embarrassed if they reported an amount that was too high [i.e. fudged the numbers]. As a reminder, the total includes volume licenses. It doesn’t mean that those licenses will be used now, next month or next year.

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